Scheduling Puzzle

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The Magnificent Seven Venture Unit are organising a 24-hour dart playing marathon to raise money for a charity. Can you complete the timetable above showing who will be playing during each of the one hour time slots? Click on a time slot to schedule the player for that time. You can click on the slot again to deselect it if you change your mind. Your finished timetable should accommodate all of the requests on the yellow post it notes.

The column headings show the time the one hour time slot starts.

If you would like to block out certain timeslots so that you don't choose them just double click the slot. Double clicking again releases the slot.

No one can play for more than three consecutive hours.

At any time there must be three people playing.

Every player must have an eight-hour sleep break at some time during the 24 hours.

Mark can't play between 1pm and 5pm due to a sporting event.

Click a time slot above to begin

Zach and Jane can't play at the same time as one of them has to look after their younger brother.

Surj can't play before 9am as he will be at work (night shift).

Mary and Jane both want to be playing at 11am when the photographer arrives.

This task is possible!

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