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Alphabetical Index of Maths Starters

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Title Topic Rating
5.5 Times TableArithmetic, Tables0
9:50 PuzzlePuzzles0
A NumberVocabulary0
A Very Strange GameGame, Number0
Absolutely EveryoneAlgebra0
Abundant BusesArithmetic, Factors, Mental Methods, Mixed, Number0
Add 'emAlgebra, Number, Problem Solving, Sequences0
Add QuickulationsArithmetic, Mental Methods0
Air Traffic ControlAngles, Bearings, Estimating0
All for 100Arithmetic, Place Value, Problem Solving, Puzzles0
All The NinesArithmetic, Number0
AlphanumbeticalPuzzles, Vocabulary0
AnalogiesMemory, Mixed, Multiple Intelligences0
Ancient MysteriesMemory, Mental Methods, Multiple Intelligences, Number0
Angle EstimatesAngles, Estimating, Geometry2
Area TwoArea, Geometry, Mensuration, Problem Solving, Shape1
ArithmagonsAlgebra, Arithmetic, Puzzles1
Aunt Sophie's Post OfficeArithmetic, Investigations, Money, Number, Tables1
Aunty DottyMoney, Ratio1
Average SmileAverages, Data Handling, Statistics1
Big BieberEnlargements, Estimating1
Big OrderArithmetic, Calculator, Estimating, Mixed, Place Value1
Bizarre TriangleArea, Geometry, Pythagoras, Shape1
Book WormDecimals1
Boxing DayProblem Solving, Puzzles, Simultaneous Equations, Xmas5
Breathe EasilyCalculator, Estimating, Mixed5
Bridge CrossingPuzzles5
Broken CalculatorArithmetic, Calculator, Place Value, Problem Solving5
Broken Calculator (2 and 3)Arithmetic5
Broken Calculator (3 and 4)Arithmetic, Calculator, Puzzles5
Broken Calculator (4 and 5)Arithmetic5
Bus StopInvestigations, Probability5
Calc-A-HundredArithmetic, Calculator, Decimals, Estimating, Game5
Calculator NimArithmetic, Calculator, Game, Problem Solving5
Can You Decide?Number5
CarsAlgebra, Problem Solving5
Chin-UpsAlgebra, Averages, Problem Solving1
Christmas BellsLCM, Number, Xmas1
Christmas EveMixed, Number, Xmas1
Christmas Eve SnowXmas1
Christmas OrnamentsPuzzles, Shape, Xmas1
Christmas PresentsAlgebra, Problem Solving, Xmas1
Christmas TablesArea, Geometry, Mensuration, Shape, Xmas1
ClockEquateArithmetic, Mixed, Number, Problem Solving, Puzzles1
Coins in EnvelopesNumber1
Coins On The TableFractions, Problem Solving, Puzzles1
Coloured SheepProbability1
Comparing CubesRoots1
Connecting RulesAlgebra1
ConsecutiveArithmetic, Problem Solving, Roots1
Consecutive SquaresNumber1
Consecy BrothersArithmetic, Problem Solving, Roots1
CountdownArithmetic, Mental Methods1
Cracked ClockArithmetic, Problem Solving1
Cracker JokeArithmetic, Xmas1
Cross PerimeterGeometry, Mensuration1
Cube CalendarProblem Solving, Puzzles1
DancingLCM, Number1
Dice NetsNumber, Problem Solving, Shape (3D)1
Dice ReflectionsGeometry, Shape (3D), Symmetry, Transformations1
Digital LightsCalculator, Investigations, Mixed1
DigivideArithmetic, Problem Solving1
DimidiateArithmetic, Number1
Divided AgeCalculator, Decimals, Number1
Division QuickulationsArithmetic, Mental Methods1
Don't Touch!Logic, Puzzles1
Double TroubleArithmetic, Number1
Eleven Plus TwoPuzzles, Vocabulary1
Eleventh of the EleventhArithmetic, Mental Methods1
Estimating PercentagesEstimating, Percentages1
Exponential ErrorIndices1
Faces and EdgesShape (3D)1
FactuplesFactors, Number1
Family BusesMental Methods, Problem Solving1
Famous BirthdayMixed, Number, Time1
Faulty ButtonArithmetic, Calculator, Problem Solving1
Figuratively SpeakingPlace Value1
Five DigitsAverages1
FlabbergastedArithmetic, Factors, Mental Methods, Number1
FlowchartArithmetic, Investigations, Number1
Fly CatchingArithmetic1
For StartersArithmetic1
For ThoughtArithmetic, Problem Solving1
Four FactorsFactors, Mental Methods, Number1
Four GoneArithmetic, Calculator, Mixed, Problem Solving1
Four Make 999Arithmetic1
Four problemsArithmetic, Number1
Four to SevenArithmetic, Mental Methods, Problem Solving1
Four's IndependenceArithmetic, Investigations, Problem Solving1
Fraction OrderDecimals, Fractions1
Fractions Decimals PercentagesDecimals, Fractions, Mental Methods, Percentages1
Freemason's CipherProblem Solving, Puzzles, Symmetry1
GiraffeAlgebra, Fractions, Problem Solving1
Goat GrazingLoci, Mensuration, Shape1
Graph PictureCoordinates, Graphs1
Guitar For SaleMoney1
Half a DozenArithmetic1
Half a PoundArithmetic1
Half and HalfArithmetic1
Half HeartedAlgebra, Fractions1
HalloweenFractions, Mixed1
Halve itArithmetic, Number1
HandshakesInvestigations, Number, Problem Solving1
Happy New YearTime1
Happy NumbersArithmetic, Investigations1
HexagonConstruction, Geometry, Shape1
High InterestPercentages1
Hold 'Em Up!Mixed1
Hole in OneArithmetic1
Hot EstimatesEstimating1
Hot NumbersNumber1
Hot Summer TestTables1
Hotel DigitalFactors, Investigations, LCM, Number1
Hotel SumviewMoney1
Hours To GoTime1
House NumbersAverages, Number, Puzzles, Sequences1
How Do You Do?Arithmetic, Place Value, Problem Solving, Puzzles1
How many of Each?Arithmetic1
How Many Rectangles?Shape1
How Many Squares? 1Puzzles, Shape1
How Many Squares? 2Puzzles, Shape1
How Many Triangles? 1Problem Solving, Shape1
How Many Triangles? 2Problem Solving, Shape1
How Many Triangles? 3Combinations, Problem Solving, Shape1
Ice CreamCombinations, Probability1
IcosahedronShape (3D)1
In Your Head 1Percentages1
Inbetween TableArithmetic, Number1
InbetweensCalculator, Fractions1
Intents ExcitementPuzzles, Vocabulary1
JeopardyArithmetic, Mixed1
Just Four QuestionsMixed4
Justundera QuidArithmetic, Problem Solving4
Khmer's HomeworkAlgebra, Arithmetic4
Kim's Game 1Game, Memory4
Kim's Game 2Game, Memory4
Kim's Game 3Game, Memory, Multiple Intelligences, Vocabulary4
Know WeighArithmetic4
Know Your PlaceMental Methods, Place Value4
Largest ProductPlace Value, Problem Solving4
Last DayMixed, Number4
Leap YearNumber4
Lemon LawAlgebra, Puzzles4
Less ThanAlgebra4
Letter Clue CalculationsArithmetic, Problem Solving, Puzzles4
Letters in a NumberNumber4
Light ShoppingAlgebra, Money, Problem Solving4
Loopy LakeDecimals, Fractions, Puzzles5
Love MathsVocabulary5
Lucky NumbersArithmetic, Puzzles5
Lyric Lacking LimerickVocabulary5
M for MathematicsVocabulary5
MaggotsArithmetic, Mixed5
Magic SquareArithmetic5
Match FishProblem Solving, Puzzles, Shape, Symmetry5
Maths CrosswordMixed, Puzzles, Vocabulary5
Maths In SchoolPuzzles, Vocabulary5
Maths RiddlesNumber, Riddles5
Mathster MindLogic, Puzzles5
MathterpieceGeometry, Memory, Multiple Intelligences, Shape5
May DayArithmetic, Investigations5
Memor SeaMemory5
Mental Maths QuizArithmetic, Mental Methods5
Mental Maths TestArithmetic, Mixed5
Meta ProductsArithmetic, Investigations, Number5
Middle of CentresCoordinates, Enlargements, Loci5
Mirror MathsArithmetic, Puzzles, Symmetry, Transformations5
Missing digitsArithmetic, Problem Solving5
Missing LengthsApproximation, Live Data, Mixed, Rounding5
Missing OperationsArithmetic5
Missing PoundArithmetic, Money, Problem Solving, Puzzles5
Missing Square PuzzleArea, Mensuration, Puzzles, Ratio, Shape5
Missing TermsNumber, Puzzles, Sequences5
Mix and MatchLogic, Multiple Intelligences, Puzzles5
Moon LengthsEstimating, Rounding5
Movie MinutesTime5
Ms TaykeArithmetic5
Mult Sum Diff DivMental Methods5
Multiplication GridArithmetic, Negative Numbers5
Multiply QuickulationsArithmetic, Mental Methods5
Multiply, Add, Subtract and DivideMental Methods5
Mystery NumbersMixed, Puzzles, Riddles, Vocabulary5
Mystic MathsAlgebra, Place Value, Puzzles5
Name AgainLCM, Number5
Negative NumbersNegative Numbers, Number5
Negative VibesAlgebra, Negative Numbers5
News CommonBearings, Puzzles5
Nine Digit SumArithmetic, Place Value, Problem Solving, Puzzles5
Nine Nine NineArithmetic, Investigations, Problem Solving5
No PartnerArithmetic, Mental Methods5
NoodlewhackArithmetic, Calculator, Decimals5
North Pole TestTables, Xmas5
Not MultiplesTables5
Not Too CloseLogic, Problem Solving, Puzzles5
Noughts and CrossesCombinations, Puzzles5
Number RecallMemory, Multiple Intelligences5
Numbers in wordsPlace Value5
OblongsArea, Geometry, Mensuration, Shape, Simultaneous Equations5
Odd One OutNumber5
Odd Percent OutPercentages5
On The DoubleArithmetic5
One Digit 100Arithmetic, Place Value, Problem Solving, Puzzles5
One FifthFractions, Investigations5
One NinthFractions, Investigations5
One oneSequences5
One out of TenFun5
One Torch TunnelLogic, Problem Solving, Puzzles5
Only One NumberArithmetic, Calculator, Investigations, Number3
OutnumberedArithmetic, Mental Methods5
ParadoxLogic, Mixed, Multiple Intelligences, Problem Solving, Puzzles5
Peanuts and ButtonsEstimating, Problem Solving5
Pears Make SquaresArithmetic, Number5
PentaddArithmetic, Problem Solving, Puzzles, Simultaneous Equations5
PentagonConstruction, Geometry, Shape5
PercenTableArithmetic, Mental Methods, Percentages5
Perfect NumbersNumber5
Pi DayCircles, Memory, Multiple Intelligences, Rounding5
Pick From The PotData Handling, Probability5
Pie ChartAngles, Data Handling, Estimating, Graphs, Statistics5
Plane NumbersArithmetic, Number, Problem Solving5
Planet NumpairAlgebra, Arithmetic, Simultaneous Equations5
PlusArithmetic, Investigations, Puzzles5
Plus FourArithmetic5
Polygon Riddle 1Geometry, Riddles, Shape5
Polygon Riddle 2Riddles, Shape5
Polygon Riddle 3Construction, Riddles, Shape5
Positions PleaseArithmetic, Estimating, Mental Methods, Mixed5
Product PracticeArithmetic5
PuddingsArithmetic, Xmas5
Pyramid PuzzleAlgebra, Arithmetic, Number, Problem Solving5
QuadsArea, Geometry, Investigations, Mensuration, Shape5
QuickArithmetic, Mental Methods, Place Value5
Quick PercentagesPercentages5
Rabbits and ChickensAlgebra, Problem Solving, Simultaneous Equations5
Rail WeighAlgebra, Problem Solving, Simultaneous Equations5
Recurring DecimalArithmetic, Calculator, Fractions5
Red LinesEstimating, Pythagoras5
Reflective CatGeometry, Symmetry, Transformations5
Refreshing RevisionAlgebra, Arithmetic, Circles, Coordinates, Fractions, Mental Methods, Mixed, Money, Sets, Simultaneous Equations, Tables, Trigonometry5
Render DigitfulArithmetic, Calculator, Place Value, Problem Solving5
Roman NumeralsArithmetic5
Ropey SnowballsNumber, Xmas5
Rotational SymmetryConstruction, Geometry, Symmetry, Transformations5
RoundaboutArithmetic, Problem Solving, Puzzles5
Rounding 1dpApproximation, Arithmetic, Rounding5
Rounding 2dpApproximation, Arithmetic, Rounding5
Rounding WholeApproximation, Arithmetic, Rounding5
Route to Las VegasArithmetic, Puzzles5
Rows of RosesMultiple Intelligences, Problem Solving, Puzzles, Shape5
Same SameAlgebra, Simultaneous Equations5
Santa's SleighAlgebra, Problem Solving, Simultaneous Equations, Xmas5
ScaramoucheArithmetic, Mixed, Number, Percentages, Time5
Sea ShellsAlgebra, Problem Solving, Sequences2
Second HolidayArithmetic, Estimating, Time2
Secret SymbolCreativity, Multiple Intelligences, Puzzles2
SectorsAngles, Geometry2
Seedy CDsAverages, Graphs, Statistics2
Seeing SquaresNumber2
Separated TwinsLogic, Puzzles2
Sequence DancingSequences2
Shadow SumsArithmetic, Place Value, Problem Solving2
Shopping ListMemory, Mensuration, Money, Multiple Intelligences2
Shunting ProblemCreativity, Fun, Logic, Multiple Intelligences, Problem Solving2
Siam SymbolsLogic, Place Value, Problem Solving1
Sid's SchemesArithmetic, Money, Percentages1
Sign SequencesArithmetic, Number, Puzzles, Sequences1
Simple NimGame, Number, Problem Solving1
Simultaneous OccasionsAlgebra, Problem Solving, Simultaneous Equations1
Six DiscriminationArithmetic, Calculator, Mental Methods, Problem Solving1
Six KeysCalculator1
Six of the BestArithmetic, Mixed1
Small SatisfactionNumber, Problem Solving, Puzzles1
Snowman and WomanCombinations, Problem Solving, Xmas1
Spider SequencesSequences1
SpinsumArithmetic, Investigations, Problem Solving1
Square and EvenNumber, Problem Solving1
Square AnglesAngles, Geometry, Number, Shape1
Square Christmas TreeCreativity, Number, Xmas1
Square Circle KiteCircles, Geometry, Shape, Vocabulary1
Square PairsArithmetic, Number, Problem Solving, Puzzles1
Square SequenceNumber1
Square ThinkersArithmetic, Pythagoras1
Squared AnimalsLogic, Multiple Intelligences, Problem Solving, Puzzles, Shape1
St IvesRiddles1
Stable ScalesAlgebra5
Stacks of SumsArithmetic5
Stair PerimeterGeometry, Mensuration, Problem Solving5
Star Wars DayEnlargements5
Starting WithVocabulary5
StencilsArithmetic, Problem Solving5
Step PerimeterGeometry, Mensuration, Problem Solving5
Strange TablesArithmetic, Mental Methods, Tables5
Structured SettlementPercentages3
Student LoansArithmetic, Money3
Subtract QuickulationsArithmetic, Arithmetic, Mental Methods, Mental Methods, Tables3
Sudoku SumArithmetic, Multiple Intelligences, Puzzles3
SukoMental Methods, Problem Solving, Puzzles3
Sum of the SignsAlgebra, Logic, Problem Solving, Puzzles, Simultaneous Equations3
Sum SquareArithmetic, Problem Solving, Puzzles3
Sum StoryArithmetic, Creativity3
Summer HolidaysAlgebra, Simultaneous Equations3
Table LegsArithmetic, Mental Methods, Tables3
Table SpidersMental Methods, Tables3
Take SidesMental Methods, Mixed3
Tasty Take-AwaysArithmetic3
Team AgeArithmetic, Mental Methods, Problem Solving3
TextingProblem Solving3
Thai BahtCombinations3
The Power of ChristmasIndices, Number, Xmas3
The story of ...Creativity, Number3
Think BackAlgebra3
THOANAlgebra, Puzzles3
Three Make 1000Arithmetic3
Three Wise GiftsArithmetic, Mental Methods, Xmas3
Ticker NewsAlgebra, Arithmetic3
Time TrialsArithmetic3
Timed TablesArithmetic, Mental Methods, Tables, Time3
TindiceCreativity, Number, Problem Solving3
To Be ContinuedSequences3
ToolsArithmetic, Investigations, Puzzles3
Top TransferCalculator, Decimals3
Tran's HatsCombinations, Data Handling, Probability, Problem Solving3
Triple TotalsArithmetic, Mental Methods3
TripletsArithmetic, Mental Methods3
True or False?Logic, Mixed, Vocabulary3
Twelve DaysNumber, Xmas3
Twin TotalsArithmetic3
Two NumbersArithmetic, Number, Simultaneous Equations3
Two Pots Make FourLogic3
Two SquaresShape3
Two ThirdsArithmetic, Fractions3
Two Twins and TimCoordinates, Problem Solving, Puzzles3
Unmagic SquareArithmetic, Problem Solving3
Upside NumberNumber, Puzzles3
Use the digitsArithmetic3
Valentine's PuzzleLogic3
Venn DiagramNumber, Sets3
Verruca ValueArithmetic, Factors, Vocabulary3
Warm UpArithmetic3
Weather MathsData Handling, Live Data, Statistics, Time3
What are they?Arithmetic, Number, Puzzles, Ratio3
Windmill SequenceSequences3
Word DifferenceArithmetic3
Word SearchFun, Mixed, Puzzles, Vocabulary3
Word SumArithmetic, Problem Solving, Puzzles3
WordlesCreativity, Multiple Intelligences, Vocabulary3
Wrapping PaperShape, Symmetry, Transformations3
Writing ChequesPlace Value3
Wrong Way RoundArithmetic, Investigations, Place Value3



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