Freemason's Cipher

Can you work out how to use this code (Freemason's or Pigpen Cipher)?

Pigpen Cipher

Eg. A = a    R = r     S = s    Z = z

Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter
Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter Coded letter ?

A symmetric word looks the same in the mirror; like “MOM”. Can you find any words in the Freemason's Cipher which are symmetric? What is the longest one you can find?

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  • If you haven't seen it already we have an online Presentation on Code Cracking which introduces pupils to the basic techniques of cracking simple codes. It also encourages pupils to use technology to do a letter frequency analysis of typical English text. The presentation links into our online Code Cracking Exercise which has three levels of difficulty and awards virtual trophies each time a code is cracked.

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Do some online research to find out more about the Freemason's or Pigpen Cipher.

This cipher features in Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.

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