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3D objects Here are some 3D shapes. What are their mathematical names?

How many faces, edges and vertices do the following objects have?

- Ritz box
- Toblerone box
- KitKat box
- Chocolate box



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  • Elaine Leighton, St Francis Sch, Wilts
  • An excellent set of resources although I do not use the ones which require a list of mathematical terms starting with a specific letter or the "Kim's game" activities. We particularly like the puzzle type activities. I have used several with year 6 and a few with year 5 as well as year 7 and 8.
  • Transum,
  • There is a lot to be gained from practising this type of mental maths occasionally and this exercise should be relevant to students of all ages and abilities. Not only does it require students to revise the quick, efficient methods such as dividing by four for 25% rather than finding one hundredth of the amount and multiplying it by 25, but it also, due to the way the table is set up, allow students to see patterns and connections in the results.

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Ritz Box


6 faces

12 edges

8 vertices


Triangular Prism

5 faces

9 edges

6 vertices


Octagonal Prism

10 faces

24 edges

16 vertices


Trapezoidal Prism

6 faces

12 edges

8 vertices



Tin of baked beans


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