Halloween Witch Scream
Green Ghost
Mummy Grim Reaper

A pumpkin weighed 6½ kg before it was carved. It now weighs 1½ kg. What fraction of its weight has been removed?

How many ghosts are in the haunted house?
Here are some clues:
There are more than the number of days in October
There are less than the product of 7 and 5
The answer is an odd number

Seven mummies in a row
Fifteen rows plus another two
I think it's time that you should go
Because all those mummies are after you
Mummy Mummy Mummy Mummy Mummy Mummy Mummy
How many mummies are chasing you?

Bat Moon
How many bats?
Clue: A square number;
More than four squared;
Less than four cubed;

Grim Reaper Count your toes and hands and feet
Multiply those three sums
Add the month when ghosts all meet
Subtract the date halloween comes.

Teacher: Tap on a window for a Halloween Starter.


Topics: Starter | Fractions | Mixed

  • Transum,
  • Here's a joke for the teacher:

    Why do mathematicians think that Halloween is the same as Christmas?

    Answer: 31 Oct = 25 Dec

    [Think number bases!]
  • S. Hale, Woodchurch HS
  • Classes really enjoyed this starter, I split the class into groups and had a quiz of the five questions. It revised a lot of different maths the only criticism is that you have six mummies in a row and not seven as said in the question.

    [Transum: The lost mummy has been found. Thanks for pointing it out]
  • Tom Howe, Barnwell Secondary School
  • A very good idea for a website because it promotes fun in maths.
  • E.Maginn, Bebington High
  • A fun starter that all my groups enjoyed!(Years 7,8+9)Pity there were only six mummies.
  • Karen, Mlps Albany Australia
  • My class and I would have liked to have had scary music accompanying the opening / clicking on windows - i.e. as it zooms in.

    [Transum:Thanks for the suggestion Karen. A clap of thunder and a little music now accompanies the opening of the windows. Best experienced with your speakers turned up high!]

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