Times Tables High Score Chart For Your School or Class

Times Tables High Score Chart For Your School or Class

Many thanks to Matt Curtis from Edgewood Primary School for suggesting this idea.

Let the Tablesmaster and Fast Factors High-Score charts show only pupils from your school or class by following these two simple steps:

1. Ask your pupils to include the name of your school with their names for the high-score chart.

2. Type your school name in the box below to see a customised high-score chart.

Chart Details Activity:   School name: @   Show the most recent attempts.


You need to decide how your school name is to be typed in by your pupils. If your school is Valley Park School for example you might agree that everyone should type in their name in the form:


You would then type ValleyPark into the box above to see the customised high-score chart for your school.

You may want to only show the results from a particular class or Year group. Adjust the agreed text after the @ sign such as:



Tablesmaster scores improve with a remote keypad

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