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This is the 1st Quickulation to be displayed.


This is a visual aid designed to be projected onto a whiteboard for whole class exposition. The calculations are generated randomly and you can vary the type of calculations that will appear. Use the slider above to vary the time the calculations remain on the screen.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

"So how do you use this activity? Do you:
:: Have it on the screen before the Maths lesson begins and expect the pupils to look at it as soon as they have got themselves ready for the lesson?
:: Wait till everyone is ready then shine it onto your screen?
:: Say that each pupil is challenged to write their answer on a mini whiteboard and hold it up before the answer is revealed on the screen?
:: Ask pupils to write down the question and answer in their back of the exercise book and to mark each question when the answer is revealed?
:: Invite pupils to take it in turns calling out the answers as quickly as they can?
:: Use the freeze button on the projector remote so that methods can be discussed and shared?
:: Do a mixture of all of the above?"

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